“Help” and Wellness….The right coach is the answer to winning results.

Hi friends,

In the spirit of the Olympics, I am here to cheer you on and to sign up as your nutritionist and health coach.  I can help you reach the top of your game……whether that means losing weight, learning to prepare delicious healthy meals or just feeling energized and in control of your health.

Do you have some stubborn weight to lose? I will customize a plan for you…..one where you will not feel hungry or deprived of delicious and nutritious meals.  Your program will be about all of the wonderful foods you can include in your diet and new ideas for creative and easy meal preparation.Do you have challenges with food allergies and intolerances? As a mother of a child with life threatening food allergies, I am extremely knowledgeable and sensitive to the specific issues regarding food shopping, meal prep, and dining out. I can help transform your favorite recipes into allergen-safe ones so that you could once again savor all your favorite dishes that you may have thought you woukd never be able to enjoy again.

Are you struggling with health issues like type 2 or pre-diabetes, feeeling tired and lethargic all the time, experiencing hormonal changes, depression, weight gain or anxiety? As Hippocrates said, “Let food by thy medicine”.  I will customize a plan to help you conquer these issues together and get you back to feeling energized and healthy.

Do you feel completely lost trying to navigate the supermarket aisles in search of the healthiest choices for you and your family? Problem solved! We will go on a field trip to your favorite supermarket or supermarket(s) where you like to shop and I will help you make sense of it all. I will show you what items to choose that are not only healthy, but easy to prepare. (Stay tuned for my crunchy cauliflower rice!)

Do you feel anxious at the thought of preparing a meal, don’t have time to, or just don’t enjoy the whole process?  I think i can change that! Feeling stressed about any thing always takes the enjoyment out of the experience. I will show you non-stressful meal prep options and techniques as I share some of my delicious plant based and gluten free recipes and teach you how to prepare them. If cooking is just “not your thing”, I will show you shortcuts using healthy pre-packaged foods and teach you strategies for making the healthiest choices when eating at restaurants.

Do you feel like you need extra support during your health and wellness journey? My goal is to help you reach your goals in a sweet, delicious and healthy way. I believe in continued communication with my clients in-between scheduled appointments in order to keep the momentum and to help them never feel like they are on their wellness journey alone. You can join me and your fellow teammates at “walk n’ talk Wednesdays”, a program free to my clients where you can get your exercise in, meet new friends who share similar goals and challenges, and ask me questions.

Contact me for a free consultation on our journey for the “Gold”!

Wishing you a sweet, delicious, and healthy day,