All About Me

Welcome to Ruthie’s Healthy Kitchen, your go-to resource for achieving health goals in a fun, delicious, and simple way.

I’m a firm believer in “one size does NOT fit all,” and that is why I work individually with each person to formulate a unique plan to fit their goals.

Earlier in life, I struggled with unhealthy eating habits, weight issues, and dietary challenges, struggling to find the right health plan for me. After dozens of attempts at this plan or that plan, I decided enough was enough! I wanted to look and feel my best without the constant battle with my cravings (they always won) and the “on a diet” / “off a diet” mentality. No more weighing and measuring food portions, no more deprivation and always feeling hungry, no more restrictive diets, no more calorie counting, no more “off limits” food. Eating is now always an enjoyable experience to fuel my body and nourish my soul.  (I love the way that sounds….but also, it’s true!) I now can actually ‘taste’ my food instead of just engaging in “mindless munching”. I naturally am drawn now to foods that make me feel good and the abundance of delicious accessible healthy food choices makes it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

After graduating from UCLA, I went back to school to pursue my passion for helping people live their best lives, and became a certified health coach and nutritionist. In my practice, I am able to incorporate my love of healthy plant-based cooking and baking, my extensive experience working with food allergies and intolerances, and my comprehensive expertise in weight loss + maintenance to design custom programs for my clients.

I make it fun, I make it sweet, and I make it simple. 

Click HERE to contact me to schedule a free consultation! We can discuss your health goals and challenges as we work together towards building an individualized plan that fits your needs.